BAYET & ASSOCIES – French Law Firm


BAYET & ASSOCIES is an independent French law firm created in 1991, specializing in commercial law, tax and labour law.

Our clientele is made up of small and medium sized firms which have their activity in the service sector.

The particularity of this practice is that each one of the partners is specialized in a different branch of law allowing our clients to have representation best suited to meet their needs in any area of business law.

We choose to stay a small law firm in order to give our clients the personal attention they deserve; from the beginning to end, our client’s cases are taken care of by the same partner who will always be available to them.


  • Business Law

    Our firm practices law in the following sectors:
    • Company law: assistance in setting up companies of every kind. In addition, we provide assistance with drafting meeting minutes (board of directors, shareholders,…), trade register formalities, agreement of stock transfers, representations and warranties.
    • Financial intervention: prevention and treatment of companies with financial difficulty, amicable settlements with creditors, bankruptcy, voluntary liquidation, recovery plans, company buyouts, risk management estimates.
    • Business law: asset management, business set-up, sales representative contracts.
    • Anti trust law.
    • Contract law: negotiation assistance, trade and industrial contracts (cooperation, distribution, franchise agreements…).
    BAYET & ASSOCIES performs audits when necessary before mergers or acquisitions, for example, in order to prevent risks.
  • Tax Law

    BAYET & ASSOCIES intervenes in these following domains:
    • Tax preparation for individuals (personal income tax and ISF).
    • Assistance in the following: tax administration correspondence, representation before tax committees and courts.
    • Preparation of settlements with tax administration.
    • Tax audits.
    • Tax exemption solutions: capital gains, stock transfers, donations, share.
    • contributions, constitution of commercial real estate.
  • Labor Law

    BAYET & ASSOCIES also practices labor law at both litigation and advisory levels.
    • We intervene in the resolution of individual labor disputes, industrial conflicts, and layoff proceedings, in order to settle out of court.
    • We provide advice regarding all employment contract-related matters.
    • We deal directly with company managers and their independent auditors in order to find the best solution.
    • We assist companies in drafting contracts in accordance with current legal precedents.
    Our practice also assists clients in connection with staff representative bodies and collective negotiations.


Emmanuel Ravut

Acquisitions and mergers, Company law, Business law, Tax law
Emmanuel Ravut is one of the founding partners of BAYET & ASSOCIES, specializes in business law, which he has been practicing for over 25 years.

Richard Gaudet

Company law, Tax law, Tax litigation
Richard Gaudet, also a founding partner, specializes in tax law on both advisory and litigation levels.
Before becoming a partner at BAYET & ASSOCIES, he was an associate at La Compagnie Fiduciaire de l’Isly (1988-1990). He was also a consultant at Fiduciaire Juridique et Fiscale de France (FIDAL) (1990-1991).

Stéphane Morer

Business litigation, Employment litigation, Labour law consultant
Stéphane Morer has been a partner at BAYET & ASSOCIES since 1998. His specialization is in labour law and commercial law, with a focus on litigation matters.
Prior to becoming a partner at BAYET & ASSOCIES, he was an associate at both Cabinet BRUN & ROCHER and Cabinet GAST.